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Big Coach pitch

1. Teams shall be made up of 7 and 8 year olds. Any town with 2 or more teams must divide the 8 year olds evenly.

2. Play will be dead when a defensive player has control of the ball and is in contact with the pitching rubber with the intent to stop play.

3. There will be NO CIRCLE in the middle of the field.

4. All games will use normal baseballs.


6. A half inning will be over when the fielding team makes 3 outs or 10 batters have batted. Game will be over after 6 innings or 1 hour time limit.

7. Every eligible player in uniform at game time will participate in the game for a minimum of 2 innings. Except teams that have 16 or more eligible players.

8. There will be 1 line-up for the entire game. Example: If you have 12

players and in the first inning the 5th player in your line up is the 3rd out, when you start the top of the 2nd inning your 6th batter becomes the lead off in that inning and your 3rd batter in your line-up will become your 10th batter if the defensive team does not get 3 outs.

9. Hash mark between 3rd and home will be 10’ from home plate.

10. Coaches will pitch from at least 20’ away.

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