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Coach pitch general rules


1. Teams shall be divided by age and gender, as evenly as possible.

2. There will be a 6-pitch limit. The batter must hit the 6th pitch, or it is a strikeout, the player cannot strikeout on a foul ball. A batter can only strikeout swinging at 3 strikes, and cannot walk.

3. Hash marks will be located at the 30-foot mark between bases (except between home and first). A runner must pass the mark before play is called dead, in order to advance to next base. If not past the mark they must go back. Note: If a runner is not past the hash mark before play is called dead, and the runner is forced to move to the next base by another runner they are not called out, unless it is the last batter. See LCP rule #4 BCP rule #9.

4. A runner cannot be tagged out if they are past the hash mark between third and home.

5. All runners must be contact with the base until the ball is hit and may not steal.

6. The fielding pitcher must be in contact with the pitching rubber, until the ball is hit.

7. Pitching rubber will be at 40 feet for LCP and 43" for BCP.

8. If a batted ball makes contact with the pitching coach, play will become dead. The batter will not be charged with a pitch and all runners must return to their original base.

9. The pitching coach must stand to the side as not to interfere with the defensive pitchers view, But not more than 3 feet to either side of the pitching rubber and can be any distance from home plate.

10. The pitching coach must move to foul territory as soon as the ball has been hit.

11. There will be NO BUNTING.

12. The lead runner has to past the hash mark to be able to advance.

13. An inning is over when:

1. The last batter strikes out or flies out.

2. A force out occurs at any base but home. (There can be no force out at home exception LCP rule #4)

3. Play is called dead when the ball enters the arc or rubber.

4. Any runner is tagged out.

Note: Runners will score according to standard baseball rules, No runs score in any force out situation, runners who have passed the hash mark will score in a tag out, or dead ball situation.

14. Players are to play their positions. Out fielders must play behind the baseline.

15. Every eligible player in uniform at game time will participate in the game for a minimum of 2 innings. Except teams that have 16 or more eligible players.

16.  Teams fielding 10 fielders will pay with 4 out fielders.  (Coach pitch only).

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