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Little league girls

1. Bases will be 60 feet apart.

2. Pitching rubber will be 40 feet.

3. Softballs will be 12” balls.

4. Runners may steal on a pitched ball, when the ball is released from the pitchers hand.

5. Games will be 6 innings, or 1 hour 40 minutes time limit. If a game ends in a tie, extra innings will be played to break the tie. 6. Run rule: 15 runs after 3 innings and 10 runs after 4 innings.

7. In case of rain 4 innings will constitute a complete game.

8. A pitcher may pitch only 3 innings per game. (See General Game Rule 9A) 9. 6 RUN LIMIT PER INNING. ONCE A TEAM SCORES 6 RUNS IN THEIR HALF INNING, THAT HALF INNING IS OVER NO MATTER HOW MANY OUTS HAVE BEEN MADE. 10. Softball will use the 16’ circle. (Look back rule. When the defense player has control of the ball inside the 16’ circle a runner who rounds a base may stop but then must immediately proceed to the next base or return to the previous base. Runners may not antagonize the pitcher)

11. Batters will be required to have a facemask on their batting helmets.

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