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tournament rules

1. Championship games will have no time limit.

2. The better-seeded team in any game will be the home team. (Exception: In the championship game, where the winner of the loser’ bracket plays the winner of the winners’ bracket. The winners’ bracket will be the home team. If a second game is needed, a coin flip will decide the home team.

3. The host town must have an official score book and adult scorekeeper for all games. The host town will supply at least 2 new balls per game.

4. There shall be a tournament bracket at the field that shows times and places of all the games. If the tournament in being held in 2 different towns, the telephone numbers of both tournament directors should be on the bracket. 5. At the end of each night’s play, the 2 tournament directors will give the results of the night’s play to each other.

5. The tournament directors’ have the right to make changes to the tournaments schedule as they see fit.

6. A town may not host the same tournament 2 years in a row.

7. Any major time or field changes has to approved by the league commissioner.

8. There will be no 6 run rule for Pee Wee or Little League Girls in the tournament.

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